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2014 Junking Season

Posted on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Starting next week there are some must attend events around town we thought you would like to be in the know about. From a handmade market to antique shows to a countywide Mother's Day event, San Luis Obispo boasts of some amazing locals who junk, make, and curate to bring you some really amazing stuff! Mark your calendars and treasure maps, and bring a friend, away we go!

Stitch Market ($1 entry fee)
April 24-26 (Thurs-Sat, hours vary)
Grace Church, SLO
Lovely modern, vintage, and handmade goods by more than 25 local vendors. See what makers are making right under our noses!
**PSST: we have new inventory saved exclusively for this event, you won't see it in store!

Three Speckled Hens ($7-15 entry fee)
May 3-4 (Sat & Sun, 10-4p (Earlybird 8-10a)
Paso Robles Event Center
A biannual event that specializes in selling one-of-a-kind antique and vintage items. Over 100 vendors participate, selling everything from antiques and vintage to re-purposed treasures. Three Speckled Hens has been ranked as one of the nation’s top antique shows, and it’s right in our backyard!

Junking Trail (free!)
May 9-10 (Fri & Sat, 11-4p)
SLO County (9 participating locations)
Take a scenic—yet efficient—tour up and down the 101 on this collaborative trek with vintage shops in SLO County. Some locations are hosting a pop-up local vendor selling goodies and gifts for Mother’s Day. Bring your mom or send her a treat from the Trail!
**PSST: we are hosting Orange Blossom Creative, a sweet local florist who uses reclaimed vessels to house her arrangements!

Remnants of the Past ($15 entry fee)
June 28-29 (Sat & Sun, hours vary)
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA
This antique show started in San Luis Obispo as a gathering of unique, creative vendors in one place and has grown to over 100 participating vendors. We are sad to see it leave our county, but now, it’s a great excuse for a road trip!

aHah! Magazine Launch (free publication)
First issue available at Three Speckled Hens Show and then again at locations along the Junking Trail.
A Happy, Artful Home Magazine exposes the aHah! moments all around the Central Coast. Be inspired by locals and their creative take on their places and spaces.
**PSST: We are so honored to have been included in the first issue, check out our article!

If you have questions about or would like fliers to any of these events, drop by Ruby Rose, our doors open today at 11a!

The Weekly Six

Posted on: Monday, April 21, 2014

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six picks. We are constantly updating our inventory, so we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in. So today we bring you:

1: A blanket that carries its own weight, or at least comes with its own carrying case. This Pendleton duo is worth gold to those wandering hearts who need to stow-a-way in their truck or trailer.

2: Lotion and oil up, time to hit the sandy shores! This vintage beauty is the swimsuit of the season: think fifties' pin-up girl meets Shell Beach in 2014 and yes, all those whistles are directed at you.

3: Belts, belts, belts, can I get a yee-haw?! There's enough for the whole family: John, Billy, Bob and your trusty steed Silver Star. Even some for the ladies: embossed floral prints and embroidered buckles. Mix and match and keep your pants on.

4: Okay, game time: how many words can you make from the word PHARMACY? H-A-R-M...A-R-M-Y...Y-A-M...R-A-P...the biggest word wins! An endless source of entertainment as well as a adornment for any shelf or wall, these initials are shinny gold and sold individually.

5: This frame is magic: it gets a ginormous oak to fit into your living room or onto your desktop and it doesn't even weight a pound! A print that inspires reflection, radiates beauty, and brings nature indoors is not one we easily overlook.

6: And finally, we bring you the piece de resistance: the purse to end all purses. It is worth stop by the store today, if just to take a gander at this lovely in the flesh.

Ruby Around Town Vo. 3

Posted on: Friday, April 18, 2014

It's been a very full week with us at the rose...

(1) The week started out with one of my besties helping me out at the shop. After work we felt like we deserved a treat, so we did! Scout Coffee is San Luis's newest coffee house and we especially like their lil milkshakes. A perfect size for a refreshment.

(2) Road trip south...our most awesome crew covered us for the day so that we could extend our trip! First stop is one of our favorite boutiques, Plenty, in Santa Ynez. We follow them on insta (@plentyboutique) and the dresses they have been posting lately made us high tail it down...and we didn't come back empty handed!

(3) Second stop was another favorite shop, Wet Sand. It is in Ventura and is a curated surf lifestyle shop - we love their clothing, jewelry, and other casual living necessities.

(4) After a good nights' sleep in a friends' trailer - home away from home when in L.A. - we shopped the Rose Bowl for boots, clothes, purses, and jewels. We try not to let all of the other amazing merchandise keep us from focusing on the task at hand, but it is very hard.

(5) Back to San Luis to rest up so that we could hit the road for a very important appointment with one of our favorite suppliers! The mister and I hit the road again (very early) to pick from a container that was loaded in Texas. We love our new items and they should hit the store next month....stay tuned!

(6) All this work, we needed a bit of play! Yep, Bingo was it's name-o. A handful of us got our game on and had a lot of laughs. Next time we hope to win!! 

Yep, that was just one week. Oh boy. How has your week been? Do anything exciting?

P.S. In case ya missed it:

The Weekly Six

Posted on: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six picks. We are constantly updating our inventory, so we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in. So today we bring you:
1: You can judge a book by its cover- at least when it is a hardback, letterpressed classic. We have loads of old books stacked high, worth collecting a little dust on your shelf or being read on a lazy afternoon. They are just as good inside as they are out!

2. Keep it brief- case, that is. Skinny and sleek, we think this leather briefcase puts the pro in professional.

3. Get on the dance floor or dance around town with these brown pups on your feet! When it's not yet sandal weather, but too hot for boots, oxfords are the answer.

4. I love you, California. We proudly wave this flag around, paying homage to our true blue skies and happy spirits, we not-so-secretly think our state is just the best.

5. Why eat it when you can juice it? Vintage juice glasses make you feel like kid again and healthier than ever. Plus, who doesn't love primary-colored tulips, stars, and squirrels?

6. With five shelves and two drawers, this vintage piece multiplies space and interior style. Once a refrigerator box, now a linen closet. Or...what would you use this beauty for?

Sisterhood of the Traveling Bag: Kim

Posted on: Monday, April 14, 2014

After oo-ing and awe-ing over this bag for weeks, we knew it was no ordinary purse. And in a stroke of inspiration, we found its purpose (rather, its purse-pose): to accompany us in our daily lives. It's a hand-stitched, black and tan leather bag, with a simple design and easy complements any outfit, day or night, and is hearty enough to go just about anywhere. For this year, we are passing it around through the Ruby crew, and documenting what adventures ensue. It is our version of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. So, without further adieu, we bring you The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bag!
Sometimes we are asked where we go to find things to fill Ruby Rose with weekly. Most of the time, our search for fun finds leads us North or South, away from the Central Coast, and into the BIG cities. But occasionally we can be seen traipsing about the Central Coast hunting and gathering.

Sometimes we take the truck.

And sometimes a car.

Whatever our mode of transportation, we usually manage to fill it.

All work and no play makes life dull, so a short trip to visit family in Las Vegas was in order.

Purse trying the Wheel of Fortune slots.

I call this the Where's Waldo Purse picture. It blends in so well with the train.

At the Boulder City train museum.

Back in California, a quick trip. To Avila pier, to buy fresh fish.


Festival Lookbook! Day Two

Posted on: Friday, April 11, 2014

An entire weekend of music, art & dancing- and what to wear? Today's lookbook focuses on your fiercer half, and your second day on the scene. A 2014 guide to being wild and free...
Have fun and be safe at whichever festival(s) you attend this year!

Ruby Crew

Festival Lookbook! Day One

Posted on: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An entire weekend of music, art & dancing- and what to wear? Today's lookbook focuses on your free spirit half, and your first day on the scene. A 2014 guide to being wild and free...

Check back on Friday for Day Two's Lookbook, a little more edgy than the first.

The Weekly Six

Posted on: Monday, April 7, 2014

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six picks. We are constantly updating our inventory, so we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in. So today we bring you:

1: Can you see me now? Navy issued binoculars for when you are lost at sea, goin to the opera, or sittin' in your backyard gazing at birds--they make everything close up and personal. Plus, they come with a handy leather pouch!

2: Crumbs on the counter and messy eaters all around? This calls for a silver-plated crumber: like a dust pan, but for eating surfaces and more delicate. This brush and tray combo makes us want to throw a tea party just so we can clean up afterwards!

3. The seventies called, they want you to have their couch. It screams style, sit down and relax, there's room for everyone. At two tooshes per cushion, alongside a bowl of popcorn, this could be a movie watchin' machine! Or, stretch out in the afternoon with a good book, it makes a great napper, too. 

4. The best part of wakin up, is matadors on your cup! These glasses are one part Catholic candle, one part bull-fighting drama, and one part water glass. Olé!

5. This mid-length necklace makes for a great layering chain with your other, longer pendants. It also serves as a reminder that love is only ever a stone's throw away.

6. Cut a rug! We were dancin' all the way home after finding this geometric beaut! With its bold colors and great size, this rug fits in just about any room.

Cleaning in Spring

Posted on: Friday, April 4, 2014

"The more you get rid of, the more you have to wear"

I have, periodically, flipped through my wardrobe, tossed no longer worn and out-of-date clothes into a pile on my floor, thrown them into a garbage bag, and given them away. And then, slowly, I accumulate new things, my closet bulks up, I thin it, and so the cycle goes. Can anybody relate?

Well, this time was different.

My closet had begun to bulge, and I had run out of hangers. My sundresses and tanks were all hung 2, 3, 5 deep on one hanger, and often after laundry day I had to set aside clothes for when one would open up. Solving the problem did not involve a trip to the store for more hangers, oh no: it meant doing some serious Spring cleaning. So the other day I enlisted my boyfriend for help, and I went through everything. Everything: each hanging item, my sock, underwear, and bra drawers, my sweats and workout drawers. I told him to answer these questions as I tried things on: Is it my style anymore? Does it look good on/still fit me? He was ruthless.

The result? 35 hangers now available, an organized closet, and a fresh feng shui energy moving through my wardrobe.

Here are a few bits of wisdom I gained I would like to pass along…

- First, have a close friend-whose opinion you trust and who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth-join you. Too many times I talk myself into the ‘maybes’ staying around for another season. Having them there makes it way more fun and actually goes quicker because they protect you from overthinking each decision!
- Is it my style anymore? I, like many of us, have a hard time parting with things we have sentimental attachment to: “I used to love this shirt,” ”I wore this dress all the time back in ___.” But do you love it now? Do you currently wear it all the time? Yes: keep. No: chuck. Clothes are not like friends-silver and gold-you do not need to keep the old and the new.
- I realized how much my style has evolved in the past couple of years, influenced by job changes as well as a bolder approach toward my personal fashion. It is neat to realize how defined my style is becoming, and how uniquely me it is!

- Does it look good on/still fit me? Our bodies are constantly changing, and we pick the clothes that fit us best in that moment. No need to keep a pair of baggy jeans or a clingy shirt, make room for the ones that do fit now.
- Take the time and try it all on. When I tried on practically everything I own in one afternoon, I gained a great overall sense of how to better define my style and what essential pieces I am missing.
- Knowing what I have in my closet gives me options. Waking up each morning becomes a chance to try out a new combination I dreamed up or wear that outfit I forgot I had. Plus, I can see what I have at a glance!

- We noticed there were one or two reoccurring items I needed to complete several different looks. We wrote those down and now I purposely hone in on this list when shopping. It’s exciting, because I know what I buy I will wear all the time, and this is further motivation to get one I absolutely love. For example, I noticed that several shirts I tried through would look great paired with a bralette or cropped bra. Now I am on a mission to find a great one!
- My closet and drawers look better. Without all the worn out bras and holy socks, my drawers look so much more attractive, I like the items left behind more than I did before. They seem to stand out more!

- I found I kept things I didn’t love, but wanted to replace. For example, I had a striped shirt that didn’t fit the way I wanted it to, but I kept it as a reminder to get another one. The irony is I never bought another when I was out because I felt like I had one already! Write it down and make room.
- My mom has made me several crocheted items that I absolutely love, but some do not fit my current look. These aren’t things I’m willing to part with, so instead I wrapped them up and put them away for another season or to pass along to my daughter someday.
- Is it worth altering? A few things I keep that need alterations before I will wear them. I have a handmade skirt from my travels abroad I want to modify, but forget about since it’s stowed away in my hanging abyss. I made a pile of the things worth fixing and set it beside my sewing machine for a rainy day in April.
- Lastly, I folded the discarded clothes strewn about and put them into pile. Then, I tied each one with string—making it easy to pull in and out of the garbage bag when bringing around to friends. They are like a present handed off instead of a pile of your old throw-aways!

And the crazy thing is, I still have a ton of clothes left! Why did I keep that bra with a broken underwire for months? Why did I feel so attached to that floral shirt that never fit right? Honestly, I don’t know anymore, it seems so silly in retrospect!


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